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Thursday, May 4, 2006

A picture named mac.jpgApple's new TV ads are great, incredibly irreverent and cleverly produced, and Macs are easier to connect than Windows machines, but the bit about PCs getting stuck is way off base. My Macs, even the super-high-end desktop machine, do exactly what they say the PCs do. Okay, I'm still using PowerPC Macs, but that's all they sold when I bought these machines, less than a year ago. And that's another thing not to like about Apple. They're always making you feel stupid for having bought their latest and greatest. I'd like to see Microsoft fire back with ads of their own about Apple's planned obsolescence and how much it costs, really, to keep up with them. You have to be rich to love Apple. PCs, even if the OS and apps are butt-ugly, and the viruses are just awful, are computers lots of people can afford, people who couldn't afford Macs. And dollar for dollar, Windows machines perform better than Macs. [Scripting News]
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Blu-ray discs delayed by a month (Reuters).

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.Ltd., best known for its Panasonic brand, displays the new Blu-ray Disc drive for personal computers and Blu-ray discs in Tokyo, in this April 21, 2006 file photo. (Toshiyuki Aizawa/Reuters)Reuters - While high-definition DVD titles trickle into stores, the arrival of the first titles in the rival Blu-ray Disc format has been pushed back by a month until June 20.

[Yahoo! News: Technology News]
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